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Title: Sometimes I Feel Like Saying "Lord, I Just Don't Care" (1/3)
Author: cosmic-lovely
Characters: Rachel Berry/Quinn Fabray
Rating: R
Spoilers: Season 3
Summary: Rachel just wanted her friend back, but Quinn keeps pushing her away.
Author's Note: Title comes from Florence + The Machine's "You've Got the Love". Just pretend that Rachel never got back together with Finn. Also, this is another Badass!Quinn fic because I love it so much. However, warning, this fic is an angst warehouse. Be cautious, there's breakdown!Quinn. Special thank you to Hannah who brainstormed this fic with me and is basically my personal editor. First fic, so beware.

It would’ve been ideal for Quinn to close the distance and kiss her right then and there. Hearing those words meant the world to her, but the Quinn who would succumb due to her precious feelings was long gone. Collapse )